Support for Autism

Specialist multidisciplinary assessment and intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder based in London.

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What We Stand For

We are a life-span service

We know that mental health, and in particular neurodevelopmental disorders have a deep and long lasting impact on the lives of people and the families that they affect. They are often life-long problems with symptoms and problems manifesting in different ways throughout the life-span. We are a life-span service that can oversee care from diagnosis in childhood to problems at work and within relationships in adult life.

We are a multi-disciplinary group practice

We know that the best care is delivered by motivated and well-functioning teams, with staff that are approachable and can bring their own expertise. We only invite the best clinicians, many of whom we have worked with personally in the past to join our team. We emphasise the importance of regular clinical meetings and team discussions to ensure the best care for our clients.

We believe in evidence-based care

Our clients and their families deserve to be diagnosed and treated by proven methods which are sanctioned by world leaders in the medical and psychological field (DSM-V, ICD-10, NICE Guidelines). We ensure that all clinicians are up to date in research to ensure our knowledge is at the forefront of scientific developments.

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