About Us

Why The Ed Psych Practice?

The Ed Psych Practice is comprised of an independent multi-disciplinary team supporting children and young people with developmental difficulties. We have extensive experience in diagnosing developmental disorders in children and young people. Much of our work has been in child development and specifically within the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We also provide a range of assessments and work closely together to provide outstanding outcomes for the individual child/young person and the whole family.

Our commitment, experience and skill ensures that you are able to achieve the correct diagnosis for your child, access support and achieve the correct intervention. These are vital factors in helping your child reach their unique potential. We specialise in early diagnosis and also provide adult assessments. We also provide Medical Assessments, Learning Disability Assessments, Speech and Language Assessments, Sensory Assessments and a range of screening protocols.

The Ed Psych Practice understands the difficulties and stress that multi-disciplinary assessments can cause. This is why our assessment processes are carried out in a friendly environment. We also encourage family members to attend the assessment and plan next steps.

What will a Diagnosis do?

'If your child is on the autism spectrum, getting a diagnosis can be a positive thing. It means you have an explanation for some of the difficulties your child may be experiencing and it also gives you access to services and support.' - National Autistic Society

Here at The Ed Psych Practice we hope to support your child and family through the diagnosis and then offer suggestions for next steps. We understand that it can be a worrying time for your family and in some cases your child. The diagnosis is the beginning to understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses and how they can be supported at home and in school. With the support of an experienced and diverse multidisciplinary team, we are able to guide and advise.

There is no one test for diagnosing Autism. Children can be diagnosed with autism when they’re quite young. But not everyone is diagnosed early. It’s quite common for older children, and indeed adults, to be diagnosed with autism, particularly if they don’t have accompanying learning difficulties.

What Will Happen at the Assessment

Once you have decided to proceed with a diagnostic Assessment, you can expect an initial consultation with a Consultant Paediatrician followed by a multidisciplinary assessment if appropriate.

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